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Solar PV systems are like any electrical equipment that needs to be regularly maintained for safe and efficient use. Regular maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and conducted by a qualified person who is aware of the electrical risks with solar panels.

Never attempt electrical repairs yourself.
Contact your electrician or call our experts, to repair any damage to the solar panels such as loose fittings or exposed cables.

Such periodic checks that can be carried out by PV system owners:

  • Verify the presence of dust, bird droppings or other debris that are on the photovoltaic panels. It is important to view the appearance of these types of dirt, as they can significantly influence the level of energy generation.
  • Check the existence of hot spots on the solar panels (solar cells).
  • Verification of solar PV structure if there are loose screws by tightening or whether they require lubrication.
  • Check the leads of the battery for any dust or carbon accumulations (Off-Grid System).
  • Check for any damaged cables.
  • Turn off and on the inverter to check if it restarts properly.

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